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Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

As a clinician, I am an avid believer that often times my clients already possess all the tools needed to facilitate the change they are looking for within their lives, however, may be lacking the proper environment needed to process and achieve this. I provide my clients the space to gain clarity and understanding of the things they are in search for, as well as aid them in obtaining the things they hope to achieve and/or change within their lifestyle.

I have training in a multitude of concentrations equipping me with the ability to effectively assess and aid my clients utilizing multiple perspectives. Some of these concentrations include, but are not limited to, goal setting/attainment, relationships, family conflict, divorce, mediation, parental coaching, life transitions, addiction, relapse prevention, stress, anxiety, depression, anger management, social skills, trauma & more. My systemic approaches in therapy allow me to be effective in joining with individuals experiencing various personal difficulties or issues with family or partners.

I also have extensive experience working with clients in the Sports, Entertainment & Arts industry whom are experiencing difficulties in retaining their desired performance due to personal life stressors. In this realm, therapy can be used to potentially increase performance and execution their respective fields as well as mend many of the personal issues faced due to lingering life stressors.

 I am hopeful that clients will become a powerful self-fueling vessels capable of maintaining the clarity, drive and purpose they desire in their day to day lifestyle. I find this true in all areas of life from health & wellness, to business and interpersonal relationships. The journey is never easy, but don’t worry. . . I am always here to support you.

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