Rihab Alsaeed


Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

For many of us, family is at the center of our lives. It is the relationships within the
family unit that serve as the primary source of an individual’s emotional, physical,
and spiritual well-being. As a family therapist, I specialize in strengthening the
family unit through individual counseling and couples therapy.
I am a bilingual (Arabic-English) therapist who understands the important
influence that culture and religion has on a family and a marriage. I use
approaches, such as emotionally-focused therapy (EFT); Bowen therapy, as well as
hypnosis. Depending on the individual’s or couple’s needs, I apply my expertise to
guide them towards healing and growth.
In some cases, the idea of therapy may be taboo for those of distinct cultural-
religious background, however, family counseling and couple’s therapy have
shown to have significant improvement in people’s lives. My goal is to listen,
collaborate, and ultimately guide my clients to a new and better chapter in their
individual and family’s lives.