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5 Ways To Decrease Self-Doubt

1. First Things First.

Practice going with your first thought or inclination. Many times we doubt ourselves because we become anxious that the first idea we have isn't the right one. So we either decide to not decide or become overwhelmed with all the possible options. Eliminate the options by trusting your first thought.

2. Get Knowledge.

If there’s an area you lack insight in get knowledge. You can decrease doubt just by becoming knowledgeable. Take a course, ask questions, find resources, and build your confidence. If you know what you know then you know it and no one can take that away.

3. Stop Bouncing.

Stop bouncing your ideas off of everyone. Constantly doing this is another way of seeking validation and approval. Develop your self-efficacy and self-trust by minimizing the need to hear others opinions and thoughts. Everyone should not have a seat on your executive board.

4. Get Comfy Failing.

We doubt ourselves because we want to be sure we’re making the right choice. We want to be sure that we can do xyz and will succeed. There are no full-proof plans. Once we get comfortable with failing and falling, we don’t try so hard to avoid it. Get comfy failing at times because that means you tried and are actually doing something vs. just thinking about it with no action.

5. Big Up Yuhself.

It’s time to keep a record of your wins! List all of your strengths. List every compliment that warmed your heart. List the positive feedback, messages, and comments you’ve received. List out all of the things you’ve accomplished throughout your life. When you start to doubt yourself revisit that list.

Acknowledge and celebrate YOU.

You’ve done amazing things before.

You definitely can do it again.

When in doubt...doubt your doubts.

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