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Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair


"There are no biological problems without psychosocial implications,

and no psychosocial problems without biological implications."

- Susan McDaniel

Medical family therapy uses a similar approach as traditional family therapy for clients who are struggling to adjust to life with diagnosis or treatment of a severe or chronic illness. Many changes occur following illness that affect all aspects of our lives. These changes are not just for the person diagnosed either, family members and caretakers experience major life adjustments as well. Medical family therapists will work with individuals, couples, and families, as well as working to collaborate with treating physicians as needed.

Illness, whether an acute or chronic disease, can have vast effect on the daily life of the ill, the caretaker, and the family. If you, or someone you are close with, suffers from an illness impacting the person or the relationship, Medical Family Therapy may help to alleviate the experience of stress, grief, or help to building coping skills.

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