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Mary MW Killmeyer is an approved premarital course provider for Broward County, Florida. The premarital course is designed to address the topics prescribed by the county. In order to best serve my clients, the premarital counseling curriculum I have designed also incorporates skills, techniques, and information drawn from the four decades of research completed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. 

The Premarital Counseling Course is 4 hours in length, which can be completed in one, two or four appointments for your convenience. The course begins by reviewing the history of your relationship, your expectations for marriage, and current strengths and weakness in order to provide the most comprehensive program for you and your partner. We wil review the research of the Gottmans, identifying keys to helping a marriage succeed, and roadblocks to success. We will examine and explore specific topics and skills that ofthen present struggles for couples including children, religion, finances, intimacy, and communication.

You may desire to continue working together after the four hour course is completed. This is a natural and simple transition to continue conversations within the context of Couples Therapy.

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