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Distanced Couple


Couples can come to therapy to discuss the many different aspects of their relationship. This can include communication, commitment, pre-marital counseling, intimacy, financial burdens, physical or emotional violence, infidelity, or personal roles to name a few examples. Partners may be seen together and one-on-one during the course of couples therapy based on the individual needs of each couple.

My approach to couples therapy utilizes the over 40 years of research 

completed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. After completing the Level 1 

training offered by Dr. Gottman, I incorporate many skills, techniques,

and theories of relationships into my couples therapy sessions. 

Often times, couples wait until they are in crisis or on the brink of

divorce to seek help. While couples therapy can be beneficial during 

this time, it is also very effective for couples who are looking to 

improve their relationship before reaching crisis. 

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