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Dr. Mary MW Killmeyer offers consultation services to individuals, institutions, agencies and organizations utilizing knowledge of cybernetics and systems theory as they relate to communication and relationship. As a trained therapist, Dr. Killmeyer offers a unique perspective and ability to connect with individuals and understand their integration and role as a part of a larger whole, while remaining empathic and person-centered. 

Services are individually tailored to the client's needs and may be provided on a small or large scale, as necessary. Contact me today to discuss your goals and needs.


  • Comprehensive assessment

  • Develop and improve communication skills

  • Process and reflect on individual needs and growth opportunities

  • Improve and increase self-care

  • Manage work-life balance

  • Locate and access useful  resources

  • and more...


  • Identify key stakeholders and assess engagement and position

  • Develop inclusive organizational policies and procedures

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Improve communication skills and strategies

  • Streamline administrative tasks and functions

  • Strengthen employee-employer relations

  • Foster community engagement and relationships

  • and more...

Healthcare Industry

  • Gain insight to a patient population through comprehensive interviews and assessment

  • Develop patient-friendly clinical trial procedures and materials

  • Improve patient experience with environmental adaptations

  • Strengthen patient and provider relations and communications

  • Increase patient and caregiver agency

  • Identify challenges in side-effect and medication management

  • and more...

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