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Life Coach

Michi Nogami is a well-rounded and experienced mental health behavioral specialist, advocate, and life coach. Michi strives to work with clients by creating a non-judgmental environment in which you feel comfortable to create changes as you see fit. Michi brings a wealth of experience to the table to help people from all walks of life, in various areas of their lives. Whether you are looking to create more positive habits, redo your look and style, achieve balance in your busy schedule, or something else, Michi is here to support you.


Michi graduated from University of Central Florida with degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She is certified in Behavioral Forensics, Criminal Profiling, and Crime Scene Investigation. She also has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from Illinois Institute of Art and Design Chicago. Michi has many years of experience in the mental health field including national mental health and wellness talks, Mental Health First Aid Trainings, and general advocacy for improved mental health. Michi is 40 years old and divorced after 14 years of marriage with 3 minor children. She has worked to build multiple business including 3 luxury clothing lines, a national podcast, built and designed brick and mortar facilities as well as supported her professional athlete husband for over a decade at the height of his career. There is nothing that surprises Michi with her vast knowledge of mental health, partnered with uniquely challenging life experiences, her will to not only survive but thrive lends itself exceptionally well to any individual who is in search of bettering their life and changing their potential for the better. Michi aims to assist in goal setting, behavior modification, and setting reasonable expectations creating a solid foundation for consistent change and forward momentum.


Host and Executive Producer of YouTube Podcast: I AM WOMAN

National Council for Behavioral Health's Annual Conference TED-STYLE Talk 

National talks to schools, districts, and communities on the importance of Mental Health 

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